Yard Bird

Yardbird part of The Sundays Grocery family which I previously wrote about by Matt Abergel and Lindsay Jang. Yardbird is a modern izakaya-style restaurant, they specialise in different parts of chicken which is then grilled ‘yakitori’ over traditional binchotan charcoal. This includes the heart, liver, oyster, neck, leg etc, you get a great lesson in food whilst you’re here.

The menu is full of fresh, seasonal ingredients just like Sundays Grocery, including some of the menu favourites. The food is very straight forward and not overcomplicated, you get what you ordered and it is simple but so tasty. Everything on the menu is limited as the produce is bought daily, so go early if you want to sample quite a few things. They encourage as the plates are small to order lots and share just as I did! It is all served with sake, beer, wine and whiskey which can also be bought in Sundays Grocery! The cocktails have a great large ice ball in the middle, this comes as standard.

As the menu says, Come early, come often, everyone does and I certainly would if I lived in Hong Kong! Open Monday – Saturday, the restaurant is open with a large glass wall onto the street, with wooden stools and chairs and black table tops the place has a relaxed cool feel about it. Yardbird doesn’t offer any reservations but the relaxed atmosphere is comforting with a drink/bar area whilst you wait those who visit have come for a good time and don’t mind the wait.

I recommend:

  • Edamame
  • Chicken – Meatball style
  • Chicken – Oyster style
  • Scotch Egg
  • KFC
  • Chicken & Egg Rice
  • Plus whatever is on the specials board!

This place has to be top of your list when visiting Hong Kong!






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